Literature of Shri Anoopswamiji
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Let all benefit from this book entitled


(English translation of JAGAT HITKARNI)*


Sadh Anoop Das
Resident of


Printed and Published by
Shri Anoop Das Printing Press
Chhawani Aranpura


*Written originally in Hindustani,
first published on April 17, 1909 A.D.,
Vaisakh Budi, 1965 Vikram Samvat


ll Shri ll

For the Welfare of the World

(English translation* of JAGAT HITKARNI)

An Appeal

I have published this book for the
benefit of people in general
by putting in a lot of hard work
and a substantial amount of money.
Therefore, it is my humble request
to one and all the read this book
thoroughly, ponder over its content and
beware of the evil designs of these banias.


*This English version issued on
November 3, 1998 A.D.


Salutations to the Supreme Being

Many Many thank to the Almighty the Light of the World, the all merciful, the formless who created the earth, the sky, the entire creation and nobody could unraval the mystery of his superb craftsmanship. To describe His glory is beyond my power of expression.

In fact in this book I purpose to write on a subject which can be summed up as "the devils amid the deep sea".

To my horror I have witnessed strange and shocking misdeeds of the businessmen and moneylenders in India (known as saudagar-mahajans) and I thought it fit to share with you what i have seen and found. Therefore, I - a humble Sadhu Anoop Das respectfully submit to all Hindus and Muslims, saints and sages, the pundits and the faqirs, the Kings, the emperors, the rulers and the subjects of various countries and kingdoms spread all over the continents of the world, that the dubious practices variously called as Jaduchala (witchcraft), Rakshash Vidya (demoniac science), Kafir Vidya (the science of the infidel) and Indrajal (black magic) are all acts of sin. The demon king Ravana had these practised these devilish acts and thereby overpowered the deities of rains and death. He performed the Yajnas, (the rituals of sacrifice) and thereby destroyed the thinking power of others.

He practised Indrajal or black magic and thereby engineered famine and other calamities on earth, captivated Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and transported the entire riched to his kingdom Lanka. Similarly, king Hiranyakashipu, King Kansa Karun and Raja Bal also committed this sinful practice. Now after Raja Bal it is these traders and moneylenders who are indulging in this nefarious activity. The banias (people of traditionally business community) too have captured the forces of rains and death.

They have thus destroyed the sense of judgement of the people by means of diabolism and caused famine and destitution in India after the death of Raja Bal. As Ravana had captivated Lakshmi-the Goddess of Wealth, in the same way they too have usurped the entire wealth of this land and carried ship loads of riches across the seas just as Ravana had taken the plundered riches away to his Kingdom-Lanka. The banias have engineered famine by practising demoniac activity in order to take the entire wealth of India in their possession.India as well as other countries had once wealth in abundance. The ancient scriptures bear testimony to this fact. It is recorded in those ancient texts that in the Satyuga (The golden era) things of common use were made of gold and even the poor had vessels made of gold and silver in their homes. There were innumerable mines of precious stones everywhere and therefore the Kings and the Ruling Elites had all that they wished for. I want to tell the people of the world with certainty that till the time of Raja Bal, it was a golden era, the Sat-yuga, and in that age there was great prosperity with gold and silver as also food grains available in abundance. Famine was totally unheard of since the time the mahajans (moneylenders) have started causing famine on Earth, the prosperity has been disappearing. Had these banias (business community) not caused famine, the golden era of Sat-yuga would have continued. After the time of Raja Bal there has been a spate of famine conditions and diseases of various kinds, the wealth has been drained out and the people at large have become impoverished. Things have been getting from bad to worse. The sinful activities of these traders (saudagars) are responsible for this situation. They have spread out their business centres to other parts of the world with the intention of monopolising the money power in those countries and jeopardising the future of the people and their children.

They are out to destroy the prosperity in other parts of the world as they have done in India. Besides, They are planning to lure the Kings and Monarchs of foreign lands to establish their rule in India by stirring their greed for the riches of this land. Those foreign rulers will then be finished off by these saudagars who will keep themselves untouched by their scheme of destruction. They are getting the children of the Hindus and Muslims killed in other countries making sure that their own children are unharmed.

Following in the footsteps of Ravana who had laid a trap to destroy the whole world, these saudagars too want to destroy the mighty empires of the world and one day they will achieve their objective. Ravana had thought that when there would be very few people left on Earth, he would rule the entire world unchallenged. In the same way, these banias have also laid this trap with the intention of usurping the economic power of the world. By practicing their demoniac activity they would first destroy the sense of judgement of the people of all the seven or eight empires so that they should fight amongst themselves to acquire the riches of India and ultimately destroy each other. Thus a time would come when very few people in those countries would survive.

The banias know when that happens, other people will easily be outnumbered by theirown progeny who will then establish their rule over the world which nobody will be able to challenge. The Hindus believe that in the Kaliyuga a time will come when nothing would be left and only a small hamlet would be found at a distance of 200 miles. The Muslims say that in the 14th century (according to Muslim calendar) a severe famine will strike Earth and there will be nothing left to eat forcing human beings to eat other human beings. Such prognoses of a fearful future are floated by the banias with ulterior motive, which they attribute to the wise and virtuous men of the world. Then they perform black magic or demoniac practices in order to create situations similar to the forecast. The Almighty, who has created the entire Universe, is merciful to all the creatures living in any
part of the world. It is the unscrupulous people indulging time and again in fiendish and sinful act of black magic on this Earth who have caused calamities and destitution in the world. This sin has been committed many a time and the children would get rid of after a lot of suffering.