Worlds Mysteries And Solution to World Mysteries
All mysteries are creation of the bad people and not of the creator. For that sake UFO’s, black hole, hell and heaven, forecasting - bad happening in future, Earthquake, cyclone, volcano, too much of cold season, too much of hot season, draught, too much of rainfall, premature death, thousand and thousands of sickness to human being, animals and to the plants, high and low tide in the ocean, sun and moon eclipse, vanishing of Gold and Gold mines from the earth and for that all metals and minerals. Everybody remembers that before few centuries golden coins were in circulation through out the world.

There was a time when life span of the human used to be more than 200 years, 500 years, 1,000 years and people used to live even up to 10,000years. In the era before Ramayana, people like Bramhaji, Vishnuji and Maheshji lived on Earth upto One Lac of years. Nowadays average age has come down to mere 60 yrs then too the Govt. is claiming increase in the life span. Infact, there is no proper planning by Govt. and nobody knows what is happening and how will this deterioration in life and ecological imbalance stop. As long as the ecological balance is concerned the Indian government solely cannot improve the situation, but it’s the duty of all the states of the world to collectively work in this regard and find the culprits.

People in the world are claiming and praising for modern development, which has got zero meaning. Developing of computers, creating missiles, invention of Atom bombs and hydrogen bombs and many other types of artillery is nothing but for the destruction of life on Earth. So, do you call it development? Inspite of the so called development, real life of plants, animals and even humans is not safe on this Earth, even the creation of Creator like Mother Earth is not safe (almost all rivers in the Asian countries have dried up, there is no proper & timely rain-falls, gold, silver & diamond mines are vanished from the earth, almost all the forest in Asian countries are destroyed, all the forest animals are getting extinct, to talk about the domestic animals – huge slaughter houses are working day and night in each every state with due permission of Govt., and the ozone layer is also depleting, the atmosphere is totally polluted, life span of every life has reduced, everyday there is a new type of diseases and sickness are spreading throughout the mother earth’s womb) because man has become his own enemy. Behind all this is the evil power of evil people working for it day and night and nobody knows about it. Under cover of development, devilish designs of unrighteous people are being carried out with due permission from the concerned state. Now is the time to understand the devilish design as suggested in the writings of Saint Shri Anopswamiji Maharaj in the book ‘Jagat Hitkarni’. The life on this earth has been already fully developed by the creator himself and hence there is no need for development and the so-called modernization because everything necessity has been provided by mother earth. The only point to considered or to be watched out for by the world is to stop the desertification of land and scarcity of rainfall which occurs due to the heinous crime committed by the unholy people on a mysterious island which is yet to be discovered by the world.

Throughout the world, they [demoniac race] are busy making money, creating scarcity, recession, and disturbance within the trade, within the country, within politics and within the family and within the religious cast. And on the other side their web is working in full swing not known by anybody on this earth except them. All the three – Land group, Air group like UFO and Ocean group are working very powerfully to destroy the very beautiful garden of the god and we are just blank. Our entire secret agencies throughout the world including CIN and KGB have failed on this subject, these bad people are working for these agencies also, so how come you will get the secret of the destructive force operated by them.

And therefore Saint Shri Anopdasji is advising you not to go to the Moon, Mars, Venus etc, as the so called Alien people are staying here itself amongst us and are your dead enemies and enjoying all powers amongst you. So, please, all the state government on this Earth understand the above problem and find a solution to all the mystery of the world. It is the life of mother Earth and you will have to understand. It is life of mother Earth controlled by the bad people through evil power. It is sickness of mother Earth that has caused sickness to every life on this Earth. So if you want to get rid of this sickness you have to know the sickness of mother Earth and the people who are creating it? And for that do not blame the creator, do not blame the god, he is the only one through out generations and generations and for that sake he is not differentiating among any community, any country and any life through out the ocean, land and air. Righteous people should know the original truth that the creator cannot be bias. Creator cannot be two or three. Creator cannot be transferable. Therefore righteous people must understand that there has been a great change between today and the golden era, between today and era of Ramchandraji and Krishnaji. And you have to find out who is responsible for this change?

If you understand the life of mother earth, you will have the solution of every problem of this world.

Saint Shri Anopdasji Maharaj who was born in India in the year 1849, at village Bangri, Tehsil – Sumerpur, Dist - Pali, Rajasthan, his messages and experiences have been recorded in a book named “Jagat Hitkarni” (Welfare Of The World). His disciple Soni Harichandji Maharaj further narrated the Jagat Hitkarni in poetic form i.e. Jhulna and Kundaliyan in the books namely “Atma Puran” (Prayer of the Earth) and “Nyay Chintamani” (Justice of the Earth). The message of the books is much more authentic than the book written by Nostradamus.

The message is that, there on earth are infidel people who are practicing infidel science, black magic, witchcraft and demonic science to achieve their objective to rule the world and make it their kingdom by using wrong means. They are performing the rituals of sacrifice on an island not known to the world. They are staying amongst us as well on the hidden island and they are none else but the Hindustani Jain-Banias (a community that follows Jain sect (religion), the word bania means bastard race) and they must be arrested and forced by the world to expose their hidden island and the place of rituals sacrifice.

Infidel science has a very strong footage on the earth and has been prevailing on the earth since more than one lakh years, but still people are ignoring it again and again. Judicially, infidel science cannot be proved. It can be proved only by the highly knowledgeable persons but now they are very rare. Infidel science and their subjects are responsible for the entire calamities and all type of menace like terrorism, economic and political upheavals on the earth but godly human race is ignorantly blaming it on the creator. However, nature does not create calamities like earthquake, drought, sun-moon eclipse, tsunami, volcano, high tide and low tide and sickness, etc. In the year 2010, during the month of April and May, India experienced temperature as high as 45°c to 51°c during the day as well as night which is a rare phenomenon and that too not in a desert but in a normal area. Constant high temperature exists from morning 8am to evening 8pm which has made life on earth very vulnerable. Everyday there is a death count of hundred to two hundred people due to this high temperature. There is no say from the government of India on this subject and it is not paying any attention to the request of Anop Mandal, an NGO.

India is a non-judicial country on the earth. Enactment of the judicial system is merely to adjust and protect the rights of the unrighteous people living amongst our countrymen. Therefore, though they are prototype human race, they enjoy all the rights at par with the godly race (which should not have happened).

The real story of the Jain race is as follows;
When the entire demon race was killed in the battle against the godly race, a widow of their race survived. While the godly race military was returning to the home country, question arose as to who was the widow, when asked, she replied that “I belong to the downtrodden (Ded) and that nobody is there to stay with me, hence please allow me in your country” and was thus given acceptance by the commander. After sometime she gave birth to a son. When the son reached the age of marriage, his mother told him that there is nobody of our race to marry with you and if you marry with any other race there it will result in the end of our race. Therefore both, mother and son decided to continue the demonic race and the son got married to his mother and ensured the survival of their race. Today this race is known as Mahajan or Jains. Even today they worship genitals of living human, and claim it as acharya/muni-saint. They don’t feel any guilt, on the contrary they are proud of it and showcase it as the most superior religion on the earth and there is no bar for women or children and world does not wonder  what type of  citizens of earth  they are. For them the meaning of morality and character is zero. It is their inner voice that the world should follow them. Therefore they claim, “Jainam Jaiti Shashnam” which means Bravo Jain Rule on the earth. The system of adultery is still prevailing in this community and they profess adultery as their religion. A lady guest who was honored by the commander gave birth to a race which has created such a high level of havoc on this mother earth and in the world that this race should not have any right to stay with us.

They claim trade as their ancient profession; however two thousand years ago and during the earlier epoch there was no trace of trading at all. It was a golden era, the era of truth, no scarcity. Nobody used to touch even gold or diamonds (trade and scarcity go together).

Prior to independence, India was a debt free country; there was zero debt from foreign countries. Since independence, the government has borrowed billions and billions of dollars for development of our country but today we see that nobody knows as to where all the borrowed wealth and national income has gone. Every person of this country, on an average, is under a foreign debt of Rs 20000 to Rs 30000. In every season nature produces so much that every time there is plenty of surpluses, then what is the reason for inflation and increase in prices? This position exists throughout the world. The bania and the cartel of the jain community who purchases every crop at a mass level throughout the world and throw it in the ocean to create artificial shortage while some part of the crop is exported to their unknown island for their population (nowadays this island is known to the world as the third world). They are doing this because they are born devilish. Therefore, hidden but largest capitalist of the world should be made responsible and liable to pay the entire debt of country and the world because this situation is created by them. We are not concerned with the money lying with the Swiss bank; we are concerned with the wealth siphoned to the third world (hidden island). Therefore, the people of the world have not become independent; but on the contrary have become dependent on infidelity. Gold, silver and diamond cannot be consumed, then when and where has all the wealth vanished from the world? The merchant of Venice is none other than the Hindustani Jain banias.

Infidelity has grown so powerful that their biological attack is directly on the productivity of mother earth. Earlier they used to be afraid, because once the king understood; death sentence to them was eminent. Now even if the entire world has the knowledge; still no one can award death sentence to the unrighteous. Therefore they are playing more and more mischief with the world and one of their biggest tricks of network is to disturb the monsoon. Consequently without blaming anybody whole world will get disturbed. And innocent people will blame it on the creator.

History witnessed fight between godly race and demonic race. Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Pandavas, Narsinghji, Hirnakashyap, Gurunanakji, Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ, they fought with the infidel people who learnt infidel science to deceive people. Every human being is duty bound to fight against bad thing and get rid of the evil. Today evil has got no limit, you have to awake yourself now. This is your turn and you have to make history again. Perhaps before taking the recourse to war, Stalin and Hitler too must have understood infidel science and those responsible for it.

Did you not believe in Quran and the Bible? These writings have narrated details of infidelity. You think that these infidels are in the atmosphere, amongst the Hindus or in any other community. No! They are there on the earth, enjoying their life at the cost of death of everybody.  Death of every person is their profit. The jains are so sweet, always in a herculean mood, don’t fight at all. We will find them in every dangerous pocket of the country doing business and they are the wealthiest in the world. What can be the reason behind their success? Nothing else but evil power. Kings, Queens, Emperors, Badshahs, Intelligent, Wealthy, Healthy and common people on the earth are looted by them using art of infidel science. All their temples, ashrams and their lifestyles in India are testimony of their sin and every person of this community is a mini satellite, he has with him the power of infidel science. Indians cannot raise their voice, their voice has been suppressed long back, may be three thousand years ago and hence jains are walking freely on the life of the Indians. We beg to you with folded hands to read this message and help to save the world from this heinous sin and sinners because they are using evil science all over the world.

Mother earth is a living being. Mother earth has created the world. She has guaranteed food and nourishment to each and every life on this earth. Mother earth does not differentiate neither is bias between human life, animal life and forests. Therefore, in every four months season earth produces variety of crops for all type of lives. Mother earths diet is water, meaning rainfall-rainfall is nature, mother earth is nature which is very well known to the world, then why nowadays drought and shortage of rainfall has become a regular phenomenon. Who has to do this? Either nature itself or human being! Since nature cannot create obstacle for itself, then it can be proto of human being- means so called Jinn or unrighteous people. Yes, it is the unrighteous people and hence it is the duty of human race to awake and stop them from advancing towards the destruction of the world. Now what more proof does the godly race seek from the great people of the past and waiting for their help? They cannot come back to their life. Unrighteous are playing hide and seek to avoid your attention towards their heinous sin. They are safeguarding themselves under the banner of religion and non-violence, which means nobody should kill them and they have right to kill everybody, but through biological rays. The function of biological rays is just like the way mobile phone, wireless radio and television has its connectivity with the satellite. The biological rays achieve the destined objective by harming the body of a particular person or mass people as a film relay by tower give reflections to every television in the city or country. They produce, biological rays on a hidden island where no human being can reach, if tried they are killed. Since the entire world and the body of earth are synonymous to each other, any calamity occurring in any part of the world has its effect throughout the earth (but the world does not understand the same). 

So called third world - life after death, heaven and hell, black hole, Dojakh and Bahist is one and the same place with different names, so that nobody understands it in. Rays are produced to hide that island and to protect their head office, where all wealth of the world is transported by these jins to deprive the innocent people of this world. Their objective is to achieve kingdom ship on this earth with wrong means.

Therefore the world should arrest the Hindustani jain banias and punish them with death sentence, they are the real culprit. They are the promoter of occult and murderers of mother earth. They are spreading all type of wrong messages and thesis like the earth is moving around the sun. Countless stories are spread by these evil people to confuse the innocent godly race and make them forget the real knowledge of nature-earth. Rainfall for earth is like human being having his food, there is no difference between these two processes. Now you see that in India and in many parts of the world since hundred years there is no proper and complete rainfall. All forests and the flora and fauna have vanished. Rivers and ponds have dried up. Lives of the animals have gone haywire. Drinking water is sold at Rs 15/- per liter. Imagine how long the world can survive within these circumstances. Earth is a living being and it gets sickness just like human body.

According to Saint Shri Anopdasji Maharj, mother earth is in the shape of a tortoise. The entire globe is in the stomach of this tortoise/mother earth. The world is in the form of the globe lying in the womb of mother earth which contains nine continents, entire oceans, sky and vaccum of globe. Nobody can go out of its womb and neither can come in from outside. It has mouth, eyes, nose, feet, head and tail. Mother earth consumes water from its mouth and after digestion of diet, it urinates like any other life. The sun and moon are two nerves which help the earth to breath. When it breaths through the moon, night takes place and when it does so from the sun, day takes place. For us as a world there is nothing beyond mother earth. Nobody can go out of it. Sun, moon and stars, give any name, they are part of earth and within the globe. Sun is a part of the breathing system of mother earth. Then where does the question arise of mother earth rotating around the sun? Therefore the so called flight landed on the moon is a fraud, because there is no surface on the moon. There is a continent in the ocean, hidden by the biological rays to keep it aloof from the world, to perform rituals and sacrifice to create art of infidel science and to disturb the life of earth and the world. It is written in the book Jagat Hitkarni that 84 lakh blood and bone vessels are made over there to perform ritual sacrifice. By this process they create obstacles to the working of nature. Because of this heinous sin and their negative power, many mishappenings are taking place around the world. But the root cause so far has not been understood by the world therefore the world has named it as mystery or occult. According to the book, occult is a place meaning a continent amidst the ocean and nobody can visit it except their promoters. And book says they are none else than Hindustani Jains/bania’s. It is further explained that their objective is to rule the world by means of demonic power. Firstly, they taught this science to Ravana, Hirnakashyap, Kans, Karun Badshah and many more kings, but they got exposed and got killed. Now these Jains have taken the subject in their hands. On one hand they are controlling the whole world through globalization and on the other hand they are reducing the productivity of mother earth by stopping monsoon through occult.  

Take the other side of globalization. Every natural resource has been exhausted by the capitalist people for earning more and more profit. You want to speak about their profitability, take a look at their balance sheets which run into thousands of billions. This is not profit but blood of the Hindustani poor people. Eighty percent of the Indians are not getting proper food due to increase in cost and inflation. Government and the media are drumbeating about development, totally ignoring poor people of this country who purchase each and everything by paying fifty percent extra as margin of the capitalist and government taxes, this is a true picture of the economy of the Indian continent. If capitalists stop collecting taxes from the public while selling goods to the customer, within three months government will be out of funds and the administration will collapse. And it is true that one day, not far away, the Hindustani Jain bania’s will do this trick and claim their right for kingdom ship of this country. Though they maintain a low profile out of fear or perhaps a mass public revolt, in reality they are very big players in today’s world. They are non-believers but to the outer world they create an impression as if they are the true believers. To rule the world from the hidden continent they have made Mahavira as their throne and their heinous sin is known to the world as Kalikal or Kaliyuga that means demonic era. They worship Mahavira proclaiming Jinn. The world offers its prayer to the creator whereas prayer of these people is to Mahavira to whom they worship nude.    

We have to be more aware of this judicial system, modern industrialists, politicians and media because openly they are giving cover to the original culprit. The businessmen try to do partnership with the original sinners thinking of them to be very wealthy but unaware of the reality that within a short period they will loose all their wealth just like the kings and emperors have lost their in the hands of the Hindustani bania.

Today the world’s economy is controlled by Hindustani Jain banias and few foreign traders to whom Saint Anopdasji Maharaj has referred as English bania. Directions seem to be towards the jews.

Infidel science was used by Ravana, Hirnakashyap, Kans, Kaurav and Karun Badshah and many other kings but got cheated at the hands of the Jain community because the infidel science was taught to them by the Jain community itself. They got exposed and were ultimately killed but the Jains remained aloof.

Jains are always on the move from one country to another to plan out how to acquire the wealth of others. Therefore they call themselves as pravasi which means traveler on the move. The word Pravasi has multiple meaning but the true meaning applies to the Jains only.

There is a definite proof behind the program of every year’s calendar, forecasting and astrology.  It is a predetermined planning as to what unnatural calamities and occurrences in the world should take place. Which country, which part of the world, which city and type of life they want to influence is given in the program. And forecasting’s are made through media before a year or so; moreover in some subjects, ten years, twenty years and so. And on the given dates they commit heinous sin on the place of occult and it really takes place. And innocent people believe it as caused by the nature. As far as the calendar is concerned, six days are a week, five weeks a month, and thirty are the days, i.e. fifteen days are of sun and fifteen days are of the moon and 360 days a year. Days and dates are fixed throughout years and years meaning first day of moon means Monday, this repeats throughout twelve months and years to years there cannot be any change. This is the system of the original calendar. Now to spread infidel science in the world, they made seven days week, Wednesday as an additional day clubbed by them in the week. And this day stands for Jinn and Rahu and Ketu. Natural date, day, week, fortnight, month i.e. fifteen days of sun and fifteen days of moon and time are fixed and are so vital for godly penance that godly race used to get sacred knowledge very soon. By putting Wednesday as an additional day to represent Rahu and Ketu, they have changed the entire godly calendar of the world. Date, days, time and the time of flow of holy rays from body of mother earth is thereby entirely disturbed. All the great six days are named after great people of the past. By clubbing Wednesday  in the calendar, the infidel  has played world wide jugglery by changing the calendar i.e. twenty eight days of the month of February, thirty and thirty one days and three sixty five days in a year, seven days a week and after every four year there is a leap year. This is direct proof that the Jain banias have misplayed with the nature (promoted occult to grab the wealth of the world). As to adjust the Hindu calendar with the English calendar in every four years, infidel had to create one extra month, for example in the year 2010 there are two months of Vaishakha .     

We have been repeatedly sending the message to the Government of India but there has been no response from their side. We have also been constantly carrying out protests since the last 9 months with respect to the same subject before the District Collectors office, Sirohi, Rajasthan but to no avail. It seems the Government is also under the pressure from the Jain Banias.

The subject, which we are pursuing before the world may or may not be acceptable, but does the world has any answer to the following questions.

• Does the world know that mother earth is a living being and she is the unconditional underwriter for all types of comfort for the entire world?

• Why everyday the resources of mother earth are depleting. Mindless utilization of the resources by human or multinational companies is not the answer.

• How and why have the gold, silver, diamond, platinum, jewels, mines vanished from the world, where as they were in existence 6000 thousand years ago.

• Does the world have answers to mysterious subjects like ghosts, witchcraft, infidel science, demonic art, third world type encounters?

• What about the sudden disappearance of human beings, planes and entire villages?
Irrespective of the acceptance by science, the story of this subject is part of every life of this world. How the world does accept the forecast about sun and moon eclipse and if the calculation about the globe is so perfect, then why the same people don’t forecast about the occurrence of earthquakes, cyclone, typhoon, tsunami and other calamities. Can the world make out that someone is openly fooling the world in the name of nature?

By spending billions by NASA, other space agencies and department of science on the earth they have achieved almost zero result because first of all they don’t agree to accept the creator and its creation. And then after having done all the research they describe it in a scientific language which cannot be comprehended by a layman and this result is nothing but same as the act of nature which they should have had understood in the initial stage itself because body of a human being and mother earth is one and the same. Without understanding the human body, you cannot understand anything about the earth/nature.

Your own body is a centre point from where one can move all around the world. Therefore achieving spirituality through penance and recitation is the key to see all around the world and not by developing weapons, arsenals and spacecrafts. However, it is the infidel people who have put the world on a wrong track and the world is blindly walking on it but now by reading this message the world should understand it.

Why the forecasting of monsoon by the meteorological department often does gets negative results? Actually, there is no need to forecast it because rainfall on the earth is like human being taking his diet.