Who are alien people (Mission of the alien people)

At the island unknown to us, evil human beings are working day and night since generations to conquer the fine race and to overpower their godly kingdom and entire life on this planet, mother Earth. With the objective to rule the world they have used the wrong means to fulfill this object, they have a complete island controlled by them amid of the ocean and nobody can visit that island, except them.

Organizer of this island, with the help of evil power can travel throughout the world under any illusion, fake name and documents. They have built a huge virus laboratory on this island where mass and large-scale human and animal sacrifices take place day and night. With the help of negative calculations, mathematics and occult power - power created by mass sacrifice of the life is controlled and circulated to achieve their pre-determined objective, directed and redirected to ruin the intellectual faculty of the human mind and disturb the functioning of mother earth. (The labs are working on the same fundamental like that of the satellite and cell phone).

Original organizers of these heinous sins are staying on the earth amongst us, under a particular banner and race and are normally known as trading community- The Jain Bania, since generations to generations. Sometimes they claim to be Hindu or sometimes they claim themselves to be Muslim by community. Sometimes they even claim themselves to be like the British community and now a days they claim themselves to be superior beings and the followers of the most superior religion. Depending upon the circumstances, their roles go on changing but they are firm to their objective.

They have developed the occult and negative power and with the help of negative and occult power, they frequently visit that island. Even necessary requirements are supplied to them from here, on day-to-day basis and also the programs and guidelines are given to them to conduct the sacrifice at maximum so as to disturb the people, economy and ecological balance by the way of spreading viral sickness, drought, earthquake etc. Climate change, High tide- Low tide and Thirty days moon phase is the result of performing the heinous evil act on the body of mother earth and are amongst the most important evil act's performed by them to change the entire climate so that nobody on the earth can understand. The function of mother earth's body is totally controlled by these powerful acts and if we compare our body with the body of mother earth and understand these few great problems' of mother earth, we can surely cure mother earth and bring back the golden era on the earth.

Every program conducted on that island run's under instructions of demonic people staying amongst us. We the rest treat them like our own brother's, sister's & well wisher's and trust them for every subject matter as we trust god and our parents, but in fact they are very much pleased of our ignorance.

They teach us about all mis-happening, sickness, diseases, accident and all calamities happening in the world as god's wish and we simply follow what they teach us. We, the rest never dare to think within our heart that why would the creator who himself has created us, would give us so much of pain, sickness, misery, etc. We never thought that it is man made and it is the ugly man's deed for his selfish purpose.

They take out every secret of king and his kingdom, state, country and their subject and ruin them. For them nothing is impossible.

Their web is working throughout the world by the mean of air, their transmitter's are installed at every level of village, town, city, forest, highway and on the hill etc. On an average every ten individuals of their race in India has got one transmitter in order to control the intellectual faculty of mind of fine race people, so that they cannot understand the changes taking place in the nature and their root cause. These transmitters are the wireless and built on open space, which perfectly forms the shape of a temple, by spending crores and crores. Among the innocent people huge claim is put forward for superiority of religion and custodian of real dharma and the biggest plus point for them is to supress the righteous thought of the innocent people is equal right to all religion guaranteed in the constitution of India. You do anything the rights are given in the constitution. Since the elements of religion have not been defined in the constitution of India they are freely and willfully taking advantage of the loopholes. In fact they have got the Indian Constitution to be framed in their favour so that it can be accommodated to the Jain bania.

The new age satellites or any technological machines cannot detect the activity of their web system because it is made of biological power.

The birth of the evil race on the Earth is either an error of the nature or a grave mistake done by their ancestors who violated the nature’s rule of one husband and one wife. After violating the rule of the creator they went on adopting mass polygamy and mass bigamy. They have not differentiated even between their mother, sister, daughter and wife within their own race. Since generations they are professing this system and nowadays many inhumanly activities are being heard of, only to prove that some inhumanly acts are performed, adopted and commonly accepted in their race, society and family. Their family system is nothing but a window dressing; otherwise they will be caught and will not be allowed to stay amongst others by the fine race and the rulers on the Earth. They are the by-products of mixed genes, adultery and cannot be called to improve upon. Why? Because their fabrication is such, on the contrary they will prove others wrong. Anybody on the Earth who has been in association with these so called ugly people will definitely tell you about the foul play and dirty smell of foul play coming out from the society of the so called ugly demonic race (Will the snake ever accept that he is poisonous, in fact he is proud of his poison!).

In the society or race where father does not spare daughter and son does not spare mother and brother don not spare sister is called demonic society or “Asuras” society. In the society where genitals are openly worshiped is nothing but demonic society and this act of worship is a heinous crime and is enough to prove that this particular society is nothing but a mixture of ugly demonic being with full of fault and is not worthy even for insect and therefore they are the enemy of fine race and its creator. These people are a stain on the surface of mother Earth and the fine human race. They proudly call themselves as Bania and the literary meaning of the word bania is the adultery race but the Indians are so habituated to speaking this word since generations that they think that this is a very big title for the jain community, without knowing the true meaning of the term Bania. Because this is a self made word of theirs and nobody can find its meaning in the dictionary.

Our Bible and Quran both holy writings have warned these people about their heinous crime that is not to eat prohibited Fruits. Infact the great people of the past have dedicated these holy writings to the fine race of people so that they can be aware and alert about these Criminals.

Great holy wars fought by the Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh were to remove this disease from the entire world and none else. Therefore even today they are worshipped as the savior of the truth and dharma.

Subsequently to hide their ugly genes and wrong doings and with the sole objective to take revenge from us and conquer the fine race, they have developed evil power laboratories on an island amid of the oceans (hidden lanka or the mysterious world).

Then they cheated Hiranakshyap, they taught him all the evil power that they could, he fell in to their net and finally got killed by Narsinghji and his own son BhaktPralhad exposed him for his wrong doings.

Then they cheated Ravana, he was a good king but he too felt into these ugly people's web. Shanicharji and Shri Rama had exposed him for his misdoing. Ravana turned deaf ear to the advice of the Shri Rama and Shanicharji and in turn Ravana too got killed by Shri Rama because of his wrong doings.

Similarly King Kansa followed the wrong track listening to the ugly peoples instruction and along with him the Kauravas were also obeying the instructions from the ugly people because their minds were captured by these ugly people and their intellectual faculty were already destroyed by them So till the end they didn't listen to any correct advice neither from Shri Krishna nor Pandavas. At last they too got killed by the hands of Shri Krishna and Pandavas.

The very purpose of writing the great Bible 2000 years ago was to expose these ugly people and warn the godly race to disassociate them from this ugly race. Similarly great Quran which was written 1500 years ago was to warn the godly race to disassociate with the Jews of Israel (another kind of bania spread in the Europe, Arab nations and Russia). Because of the exploitation of the godly race by these Jew, the world had to face World War-I and World War-II.

The Great Saint Guru Nanak Sahib also exposed and freed the arab nations from King Karun and the web of these ugly people.

Now it is turn of the common people, all the kings and their Kingdoms have been cheated and destroyed by these people and trader is the king i.e. the Banias. Therefore to save yourself and the entire human race on this earth from the web of these Banias, read the message given by Saint Shri Anopswamiji Maharaj in the book ‘Jagat Hitkarni’.

Either we, the people of the fine race should stop them by understanding their mission or we will be facing with the same fate, as the rest king had to face.

The creator has created every thing for human being. He has given his own Kingdom to the mankind. He has created human beings to fulfill his own dreams and wish and he is ruling the world through the body of the human being. Mother Earth without human beings has got no meaning and the creator will not like the situation and if so, then there will be nobody left to use the plants, vegetables, and there would not be any use of milk, fruits, grains and animals, metals etc. The very purpose of the creator will remain unfulfilled if human beings are not there on the Earth.

If there are no human beings on the earth, there will be no use of nature and its creations and the very purpose of the creator will be defeated, so one can understand how valuable is the presence of human beings on this earth.

So, the human being is a very Supreme Being on the Earth and can be equated parallel to the creator, though his life span is limited, his chain is continued. He can rule the Earth like a King, subject to, he should have all the characteristics of a fine race.

And if he goes to the lower of the lowest he goes to the demonic race and once the demonic race is developed on the Earth, the the ugly race will try very hard to convert every fine race on this earth to a Demonic race till the end of the world. This is a summary of the message revealed by Saint Shri Anopdasji Maharaj in his writing, "Jagat Hitkarni."