Literature of Shri Anoopswamiji

Index of Literature of Shri Anopswamiji Topic's.

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2. Misdeeds of Saudagar Mahajans.
To my horror I have witnessed strange and shocking misdeeds of the businessman and moneylenders in India known as Saudagar Mahajans… Banias engineered famine and other calamities on the earth to captivate the wealth and rule the world with the help of sinful practice- like witchcraft, demoniac science, science of infidel and blackmagic. They are performing ritual sacrifice amid the ocean- to fulfill their objective- they have ruined the normal functioning of mother earth's body- it is their sinful practice because of that great holy war was fought between Rama & Ravana. Hirnakashyap and Narsinghji, Shree Krishna and Kansa, Pandavas and Kauravas, Guru nanakji and King Karun. Banias are infidel and because of them Jesus and Prophet Mohammed had to suffer a lot. It is because of their sinful practice, world is suffering.
3. How Banias have cheated poor and the wealthy man, king and the rulers and the citizens of the world and ruin the mother earth.
On the contrary, the forged documents and the false evidence of the moneylender are relied upon and the poor man is forced to pay money because a Bania is considered to be an honest and upright man by man in authority.
4. The fact of heinuos crimes of Banias.
The Saudagars have taken recourse to this mystic rite of diabolism in order to fulfill their secret ambition of capturing political and economic power of the world… How they have cheated foreign rulers, English people, story of erstwhile state of Jodhpur, Muslim rulers at Delhi, story of Raja Bhoj and Boliya dhobi - story of gold vanishing from the pots, earthquake, high-tide and low-tide, volcano, cyclone, premature death.
5. How Bania convert a good saint to a evilist saint.
They aspire to become a siddh [accomplished] like him, they seek his company and following in his foot steps start collecting bones and consuming human excreta so that they too could acquire super natural powers.
6. The myth and fact about great saint Ramapir of Ranuja, Rajasthan.
Just think the sea is hundred miles away from Ranuja, how was it possible for Ramapir…
It is also said that lord Krishna went to raja Bal in the guise of dwarf Brahman…
8. The personal experiences of saint Anopdasji.
What can I say more about, even wise kings believed in them. Before the Banias tortured me, I too believed that lord Krishna was the giver of the rain.
9. Message to righteous people.
The part of earth thus effected is deprived of rain. Other parts, which are not sick, get usual rain. They have already spread story that time will come when so scanty will be the rain… beware , alert and together and be exposed to their heinous sin, through the world with the help of this writing- for the welfare of the world. Other wise they will destroy the whole fine race on the earth.
10. Warning to Banias and other people by saint Anopdasji maharaj.
If during my life time this Banias give up their sinful activity they too will be saved. I treat them as my benefitors just as I treat you.