Evidence From Historical Books


This writing reminds us about the unrighteous people who go against the rule of nature and true dharma. It gives comprehensive evidence of evil people on the earth amongst us. This writing runs into 3000 pages and is more than 2000 years old. The world must not overlook the message of this writing. Day by day health of mother earth has become bad due to improper rainfall and so is the life of those living in the womb of mother earth. Even after several types of planning by the state on the earth and spending crores of rupees to improve climate on earth, it’s of no use. The writing says that the evil collectively work day and night against the nature. Outcome of this sin can be seen by everyone.



The nutshell summary of this writing is to expose Kafir (the unrighteous) on the earth.Not a single page of this scripture goes without mentioning the Kafir. This book has been written by Mohd. Sahab and his contemporaries, is 1500 years old and contains more than 1000 pages. These writings convey that there is unrighteousness in this world which goes against the rule of nature which can’t be overlooked by this world. Followers of Islam may be right or wrong but the writing is not wrong. The writing of this book repeatedly reminds us about the livingbeingness of mother earth and sin committed by the Kafirs on it, which causes great harm to mother earth and the righteous people and other life. This writing reminds about the presence of mystery of occult.



This scripture is a true story and not so called mythology as its being portrayed especially amongst the educated people. Almost 6000 years old, the book narrates about the lives of Lord Shri Rama and his contemporaries. The book gives evidence that King Raavan professed occult, sin and indulged in all types of unnatural activities and hence Shri Rama spread the knowledge of his misdeeds to other kings and their subjects throughout the world. Raavan never paid heed to the advice of Shri Rama and hence Lord Shri Rama built an army and killed him, thus bringing about the return of the golden era on earth.



Written by Sadhu Shri Anopswamiji Maharaj and first printed in 1906. It says that life of mother earth and all other life on mother earth are under the illusion of the Jain baniyas. They are collectively performing occult in the same manner as Raavan used to do at an unknown island amidst the seven seas. Half of the jain banias population is staying among normal people in the world and half of them are staying on that secret island.

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This book has been published by the state government of Maharashtra. In this book, on page no. 216 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar writes that, “The bania is the worst parasite class known to history. In him the vice of money making is unredeemed by culture or conscience. He is like an undertaker who prospers when there is an epidemic. The only difference between an undertaker and a bania is that the undertaker does not create any epidemic whereas the bania does. He does not use his money for production. He uses it to create poverty and more poverty by lending money for unproductive purposes. He lives on interest and as he is told by his religion that money lending is the occupation prescribed to him by Manu, he looks upon it as both right and righteous. With the help and assistance of the Brahmin judge who is ready to decree his suits, he is able to carry on his trade. Interest, interest on interest, he adds on and on and thereby draws families perpetually into his net. Pay him as much as the debtor may, he is always in debt.  With no conscience, there is no fraud and no chicanery that he will not commit. His grip over the nation is complete. The whole of poor, starving illiterate India is mortgaged to the bania.”



Written by Lewis Spence, it contains wide range of collection of stories mysteries, literature, magic and mysticism prevailing in all the states on earth and recurring incidence of mysteries but does not give any clear picture as to whether the creator or evil is behind these happenings. This gives an evidence that unknown mysteries are a part of this world and we need to know as to who is the real culprit.



The author of this book is Adolf Hitler. This book was written by Adolf Hitler in 1922 and it gives latest evidence that evil and shaitaan is there in mankind and has been collectively achieving their objectives to ruin the earth and mankind. The evil characteristics can’t be cured by any medicine even after several centuries. The Second World War was the result of his effort to improve the world.

He writes about the Jews on page no 272, “He will stop at nothing, his utterly low down conduct us so appalling that one really cant be surprised if in the imagination of our people the Jew is pictured as an incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil”.

He further writes on page no 273 that, “The black haired Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end, satanically glaring at and spying on the unsuspicious girl whom he plans to seduce, adulterating her blood and removing her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of the subjugated people in a systematic effort to ruin girls and women, he strives to break the last barriers of discrimination between him and the other people……for as long as people remain racially pure and are conscious of the treasure of their blood they can never be overcome by the Jews. Never in this world can the Jew become the master of any people except the bastardized people.” And many such other findings have been given in this book. He wrote this book in 1922


This book gives a wide range of examples of occult stories which have prevailed form epoch to epoch which are partly true and partly false. They portray a false picture before the new generation. For instance, on page 105, a picture is shown where the ocean is being churned by the demons and gods with Mt. Meru and a thousand headed serpent. This story is false and misleading because churning of an ocean is impossible. Similarly a man with the features of a bird called Garuda is shown flying. Now this instance has never taken place in the history of this world. These half true stories are meant to confuse the godly race and give boost to the design of the demonic people. This type of writings must be banned forever. We have nothing against the author as he has reproduced whatever he has learned during his research. But now we have got thorough knowledge after reading the book Jagat Hitkarni of the author Sadhu Shri Anopswamiji Maharaj. We wish to give the world a true knowledge of every era and the great people of the past which is totally missing at present.



This book is written by learned Ravi Kumar who belongs to Jain Community in English Language, which is distributed in India by Jaico Publications, it is rare book and easily not available, this book gives complete description of their secret island on which they are performing heinous sin to disturbed the body functions of nature i.e. is Mother Earth from epoch and epoch to conquer the godly human race so that they can have their own kingdom on Mother Earth, we leave it to scientist, economist, politicians, Spirituals, kings, saints, people, planner, archeologist and all who are of course interested in this subject to pay deep attention on JAIN COSMOLOGY and BOOK JAGAT HITKARNI and see the equations between both the writings so that golden era can be prevailed on the earth.



This book was written in 1829 by Col. James Tod. This book gives a rare history of Rajasthan in an elaborate manner. In the  introduction of the book on page no. 1, he narrates about the books in the library of Patan and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, many are of most antiquity and a character no longer understood by their possessors. There is one volume held so sacred for its magical contents that it is suspended by a chain in a temple of Chintaman (jain temple) and causes blindness to female yati of jains who sacrilegiously endeavored to acquire its contents.



There are three parts of this book Padmapuran. The editor of this book is Dr. Pannalal Jain. The whole book is full of abuses and baseless stories of many eras and the author limitlessly abuses Lord Shri Ram, Shri Laxman and Sita devi. This is how they stole the real knowledge of the godly race.



This book is about Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels who introduced Marxism in 1850 to bring about social reforms that everybody is equal. Karl Marx was Jewish by birth. Countless number of people was killed in order to make them adapt to the unwanted system of Marxism. Marxism is nothing but a fundamental developed by him in the interest of his community and himself and to forcefully remove the existing non judicial system and ruler so that he could take away their wealth on the pretext of development of state and Marxism. In this process the original Russians became poor and the real wealth got concentrated in the hands of very few people. In the decades of 1980’s and 1990’s, the system of Marxism failed and gave way to the democratic system in Russia. In the name of equality he tortured countless number of people in Russia and killed millions and millions of them. Under his cover, the trading community looted the country. This reminds to the world that any change in the system of rule is nothing but to loot the wealth of that country and poor people. There are 1-45 volumes written on Karl Marx. One can imagine the volume of propaganda undertaken to popularize this man. However he ended a complete failure because nature does not forgive the wrongdoer.



This scripture has been written by Shri Dayanand Saraswati , the founder of Arya Samaj in the year 1875. He has fearlessly exposed the sin and misdeed of the Jain baniyas in the manner Saint Shri Anopdasji Maharaj did in his writing Jagat Hitkarni. He fought for the truth throughout his life when the country was undivided. There are more than five thousand ashrams in the world and for that the sole credit goes to the Great saint Shri Dayanand Saraswatiji. They got him killed and became a victim of conspiracy that was plotted by banias through Shri Dayanand Sarawatiji’s caretaker by putting poison in his glass of milk, the same way Adi Guru Shankracharya also got killed and became a victim of conspiracy that was plotted by two banias by mixing some poisonous item in his food and the same thing is also narrated in Satyarth Prakash.