Heinous Crime committed by the Indian Jains

It is very difficult or next to impossible to find out the Evil Records of these Jain / Baniya Community. But even after facing lots of hardship we have collected these Devilish details of Jain / Baniyas from their own records for the welfare of the world. Throughout the country they are secretly maintaining libraries and publishing their devilish books and records to distribute among their new generations and the newly converted people to the Jain Sects. And we feel this is the way they spread occult and sorcery among the common people throughout the world. The main locations of their libraries in India are Jaisalmer- Sirohi (Rajasthan), Patan- Mehsana- Ahmedabad- Surat (Gujarat), Mumbai (Maharashtra), New Delhi, Chandigarh (Punjab), Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and many more throughout the World.

Idols in the temples of Jain Community are always unclothed likewise the Digamber Saint and keeping a Idol unclothed in the temple is a biggest crime. It is their Ancient Obscenity and under cover of religion they are misleading the whole world in the wrong direction.

Few examples of their devilish activity are given below:
Jain Bhugol (Geography)
Jain Cosmology
Shri Jain Tattva Prakash
Sansar Chakra of Jains (world circle)

Crime committed by the Indian Jains Garbay under the Religious & Social Gathering

In order to demean the dignity of mankind and the nation, the Jain/baniyas invite various ministers and officers of the nation and organize huge functions at the government premises where nude men of the Jain community are called upon, they have a centuries old cutomery system to worship nude man. The whole audience at such function comprises of people of the Jain community who have previous knowledge of all details of such function. They request and encourage the ministers to attend such functions, wherein pictures are taken of the ministers with the nude men, the ministers being unaware, which are later published in their communal monthly publications all around the country and these publications are freely available through out the country on all railway stall and bus depot stall , thus tarnishing the image of the respected members of our society and nations humanity..


After taking a look at the pictures of the national leaders with such naked men, one can get a fair idea of extent to which humanity is being tried to be degraded. You can’t even ascertain the least extent of pleasure which this community derives out of such functions.

In order to prevent them from disturbing the state of the affairs of the society, hereby few instances of such demeaning acts are shown in a separate booklet. . And we hope that after seeing those pictures one will accept the writings of Book Jagat Hitkarni and take all the necessary measures as directed in the book Jagat Hitkarni to flush out this dirt from our society and impose a nationwide ban on all such activities forcing them to expose their island which has been kept secret for the years and years.




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