Proof of how Alien People had Altered the History

The pictures given below prove that history has been altered largely without any objections due to lack of knowledge on the part of the godly race.

1) Pictures of Bramhaji, Vishnuji and Maheshji.


They were either brothers or great people contemporarily born on the earth. Their wives names were Savitriji, Lakshmiji and Parvatiji. Their history is more than one lakh years old. If one goes by logic then how is it possible for one brother to have four heads and the other brother’s head is covered by a snake with seven mouths and they are standing on a lotus. They are shown clean shaved. Therefore the reality has been concealed long ago.

There is no instance in the history with a lady with four hands and a man with three heads, whatever may be the reason behind these photos. This is a very big fraud which has been done with intention to mislead the future generations and to divert them from the real knowledge. Secondly, in the era one lakh year and ago no man used to shave then how can one believe that these pictures are of someone who was born one lakh years ago. With simple logic one can judge that this is a fraud with mankind. Further, in the ancient era there were no sarees. The picture shows Laxmiji standing on the lotus. How can a flower bear the weight of the body of a lady? We show this to direct you to the right path. Now your mind will automatically work out how and what quantum of fraud our ancestors have borne.

Bramhaji, Vishnuji and Maheshji are our ancestors, they were human beings just like us and we are not challenging their entity. Of course they did exist but not as shown in the pictures. (Who can be made responsible for these misdeeds? Kings and bramhins? No, they never had the time to do such wrong to the world) They have done great justice with the world by killing the wicked and the unrighteous people on the earth. Savitriji, Lakshmiji and Parvatiji are their wives and are in place of our grandmother. Whole world and their generations belong to these three families which the world did not know. The men who have lived on the earth for ten thousand years or more, one cannot imagine what type of body structure, face and photo of such a person should have been. The above pictures are of ordinary men and women taken in modern studios insulting great people of the past and to fool the new generation. With folded hands we give you awareness and hope that the world will follow it. Please note that ours is not a commercial mission. The fraud stories made to prevail in the society by the very same banias and one of those stories is that on the occasion of diwali one bania’s door was open and Laxmiji entered in his house, therefore this community is wealthy because Laxmiji came walking to their house. How bull shit things they are spreading and the world has accepted them. And why banias are not confessing that they have stolen all the wealth of the world with the help of occult and infidel science.

A mysteriously shaped stone worshipped in temple in the name of Lord Shiva insulting great hero of the world.


Shivji was a human being, we ask to the world what is the relationship between this mysterious stone and the great hero of the world. Again a snake is shown along with this mysterious stone. And this is accepted throughout the country and called by name Shivling which means genital part of Shivji. Can the world understand the madness and justify this act. This is act of occult and very systematically thrashed on them by the occultist or the command might have been forcefully imposed on the people by the king to follow this occult or such a fearful situation might have been created before the king where he could not refuse to accept it. By reading the book Jagat Hitkarni we are able to judge what is right and what is wrong going on in this world.   

2) Mystery behind the picture of Shri Ganesh, son of Shiva and Parvatiji.

How can it happen that Shri Ganesh has a face of an elephant and has four hands? Whereas his parents are Shivji and Parvatiji who were normal human beings with normal human face. The story behind this face and his birth is simply unbelievable, still people of the world keep blind faith on imaginary images and talks and writings i.e. mother Parvati while taking bath made a mud statue and that is also from her own body to guard her while taking bath. Suddenly Shivji happened to arrive to the spot, the statue stopped Shivji to move further. Shivji got angry and chopped the statues head. Later he realized that mother Parvati herself had installed him to guard her. On realizing this Shivji killed a baby elephant and put the elephants head to the mud statue. And again the mud statue got life with an elephants head. The world worshipped him. Countless fraud is attached to this story. How can a mud statue have life? Secondly if there is a security guard why would Shivji kill him. After killing how can life be restored? And if it is so why did Shivji had to kill a baby elephant. Shiva could have installed the original head to the mud statue. So the fraud is countless. The world is not able to judge what is wrong and what is right because the intellectual faculty is under the influence of hypnotism of occult.

Definitely photo of Shri Ganesh should have been like that of a normal human being and the photo of mother earth is in shape of tortoise, world used to worship mother earth in ancient times. By giving this photo they have made the world to forget worshipping mother earth but Ganeshji because name Ganeshji is synonymous to mother earth, meaning having all the faultless characteristics.

3) Mystery with the picture of Lord Shri Hanuman and explanations

He was the king of Vaan Desh (Vaan country). This place is in India. He was contemporary to Ramchandraji and one of the great heroes of Ramayan. This epic is not more than 6000 years old whereas Bramhaji, Shivji, Maheshji and Ganeshji, their epic is almost one lakh years old. Hanumanji must have been like a normal human being with high intellectual capacity and a very well built body because his son was a normal human being. If Hanumanji would have had a tail, his son should also have it. Therefore this is also a fraud and fabricated photo to mislead the innocent godly race. Again if you see the picture of the queen of Hanumanji was normal. He was the leader of the great military and not monkeys as written in various writings.

4) Picture of Shri Ram and corrections

So far unrighteous are not making any change in the photo of Shri Ram. Though this is not the original photo because we give evidence that is in the time of Ramchandraji men did not used to shave whereas the photo of Shri Ram is clean shaved. This is the first evidence that this photo is not the original photo and that somebody has played mischief with history.

5) Picture and Shri Krishna and corrections

Krishanji is also contemporary to Shri Ram, maximum difference would be 500-800 years in between Ramayan and Mahabharat. In the era of krishnaji also, men did not used to shave whereas the picture shows him to be clean shaved. One cannot believe this as the true physical structure of Krishnaji because his life span was more than 300-400 years. A person of that age, one cannot judge what type of physical looks would have is in the case of Ramchandraji also, but in their photos both incarnations are shown in the age of 25-30 years which is unbelievable. Other thing Krishnaji married to Rukmaniji, they had made great penance and they had only one son whose name is Pradyuman. However world sees writings about Shri Krishna with all the fraud of the world that Krishna married to 16000 women. Almost all the porn books prevailing in the world show pictures of Shri Krishna and Rukminiji as porn actors, how big shameful is this act? And though everybody has seen it, nobody has objected to it. Such insult to those great people can be done by none other than the bania’s because they are not a human race.s

6) Picture of Ambaji, goddess riding a lion with several hands and correction

In real life is it possible for a lady to ride a lion? One can imagine at this simple fraud and whole world is mindlessly worshipping this picture. Nobody knows who were the parents of this goddess and in where and which house she took birth.

The real truth is the name Ambaji is synonymous to mother earth so in ancient era people used to recite mother earths name calling her by this name and with the passage of time bad people have put a lady having eight hands on a statue of a lion, took a picture with the camera and circulated it in the market.

Firstly the willful defaulters themselves started worshipping this picture so that the forgotten should follow them and slowly worshipping spread everywhere as children follow their parents. Can anybody in the world prove a lady having eight hands and a lady ride a live lion in the forest? Not possible.

7) Goddess Laxmiji- the wife of great hero Vishnuji and corrections

Wolrd believes Lakshmiji as a symbol of wealth. Our question is how a picture of a lady with four hands be a symbol of wealth. Meaning of wealth is gold, diamond, silver, pearl, platinum and all precious metal and stones. How the world has made word lakshmi (a photo of a lady) synonymous with wealth. This is so because unrighteous have taken all the wealth to the hidden country and to divert attention of the world from the whereabouts of wealth, they have shown a woman as a symbol of wealth so that the world will never inquire about the real wealth.

8) Picture of Sanicharji Maharaj (Saturn) and corrections.

Shanicharji was a king in the ministry of Ramchandraji, he was a self revealed person. infact he had caught Ravana while performing infidel science and reported to Ramchandraji. He is the first person to expose ravana and his network of evil tricks. Nowadays the writings and horoscope show that shani is troubling to life of common people and further told that till one year and three years and seven years trouble will be felt and so on and so forth. All this fraud is taught to the world through jyotish shastra(astrology). Moreover temples are erected after his name and instead of worshipping and praising him for his good doing people pour oil on his statue, tons and tons of oil is put on his statue on every Saturday. You can observe how the mindless world is where we stay but somebody is doing it with planning and righteous people are innocent. They think they are following their tradition.

9) Goddes Saraswati- a symbol of education, picture with four hands and correction

The real meaning of Saraswati is the human voice. The true meaning is that voice is ruling the world and without voice the world cannot do anything. World may link it to any musical instrument which also gives melodious sound. This is all about Saraswatiji. In history there may have been a very gentle lady having a very good voice like Lataji or Ashaji and good people might have to pay respect to the great voice of the creator through human being picturised a lady as shown in the photo. But we have objections with the picturisation of a woman with four hands which is not possible. Again it is against the nature and not in favour of developing the minds of children who see this picture from the very beginning of their education.

10) Sacrifice life in the name of the creator

Similarly, in every corner of the world people sacrifice life in the name of the creator and some are in the name of different gods. Can the world justify this heinous act? Recently the Government of India came out with an enactment prohibiting sacrifice and made it effective in every state of this country but they could not do anything on the day of Muslim festival of Bakri-id, where crores of lives are sacrificed in India and countless in the world. Who is going to defend the rights of the animals and their lives? What is the meaning in enacting all these laws where the government itself issues license to automatic slaughter houses (so, why the muslim will stop?). So you can see how the world is supporting to the program of occult and the occultists and that is also in the name of the creator. The only alternative to stop this fun from the world is the book Jagat Hitkarni. Handful unrighteous people in the world have created such a mess that nobody can imagine the end of it.