Saint Shri Anopdasji Maharaj
Saint Shri Anopdasji Maharaj was born on Monday 17TH April 1848 (Vikram Samvat 1905 Chaitra Shudh 14) at Village Bangdi, Taluka Sumerpur, Stn. Jawaibandh, Dist. Pali, Rajasthan. Formally this area was known as Marwad Rajputana, His father's name was Hira Singhji (Madrecha) Chouhan and his mother's name was Jaitde Ma. In his childhood his father expired, his elder brother Bhim Singhji use to work for family but it was not sufficient to run the family and this led younger brother Okh Singh to join the work.

In the childhood Baba Anopdasji was known as Okh Singh. He worked for the village as a shepherd looking after the calves but he was unable to keep the young calves away from their mothers, So there was a daily complaint about Okh Singh to his mother as cow refused to milk because calf use to drink the milk in the day time. As a result he was removed from the job.

Then he joined constable's post under Jodhpur state, where he was allotted a duty at state guesthouse. He was very clever, thoughtful & intelligent in performing his duty, as a result every superior as well as subordinate liked him and his promotion was due.

One day while he was on duty a young saint namely Bhavaninathji came at state's guesthouse to take rest. Okh Singh welcomed the saint by giving him good honour and salute. The saint Bhavaninathji, it isn't sure, but was of the same age as that of Okh Singh. There Okh Singh asked a question to the saint that," you are a young saint and must be knowing about the creator, without his knowledge how can you become a saint, so please let me know about the creator.” Bhavaninathji replied, “The creator is within you”. That is all about the common life of shri Okh Singhji. The very next day, he put off his uniform along with Badge and went to office and requested his senior’s to relieve him from the duty. The senior and subordinates all were shocked, they all tried hard to pursue him and told him that he was taking a huge decision of his life and career as well, but all efforts were in vain. He stood silent, unperturbed and firm to his decision and replied that he cannot serve two masters at a time and that today onwards he will serve only one master, the Supreme Being and nobody else.

He returned to his village and informed his mother about the decision and asked for the permission to go to the forest for penance. On hearing this, his mother was mute, silent as if there was no land under her feet. Her ears were not ready to accept what they were hearing, her eyes were not ready to accept what they were seeing, slowly the mother recovered from the shock and tried to pursue him about what he was going to do. She tried to explain to him, how all great saint in past did the penance staying among the family and he too can do penance by staying among the family if he wishes. She did not leave any stone unturned in pursuing her son to give up his plan to go to forest. Her motherhood could barely touch the heart of Okh Singh a bit. He was firm to his decision.

Okh Singh gave courage to his mother that he was not going to waste his life; instead he would go to the forest and do penance there, meet the creator and use his life for the welfare of the world. He said to his mother,“ Mother, don’t worry and give the blessings to your child so that he can fulfill his mission in the world.” Mother with her throb heart looked at the confidence of his young son and wondered about his great vision; she was left with no option but to give permission to his beloved son. With tearful eyes she said,“ Dear son go and do good to the world, my wishes are with you.” Without looking back at home, Son left the village with the farewell from his mother and well wishers. What he did, how he did, how he lived there, how did he do penance over there, how he met the creator and who was the creator and how that creator took him to his kingdom, is a true story. Under the name and the title for the welfare of the world.

He came back to his village after about fourteen years living in the forest with that experience, which nobody on this earth has ever gained so far. He knew the natural truth, that, every man has a limited life span after which he has to die; he too will be passing through this circle and hence, he thought that the experience which he has gained through his restless hard work of fourteen years throughout the forests, hills and even amidst of ocean must be shared with the rest of the world and therefore his experience was written down by his personal assistant in the Book (Kitaab) ''Jagat Hitkarni" , then he came to be known as Saint Anopdas.

Saint Shri Anopdasji was a self-revealed person and so far there is no match of this great human being on this Earth. There is nothing left on this Earth for this great man which can be called as a mystery or secret. He has given solution of every mystery created by the evil people on the Earth, the ocean and in the sky.

The Book (Kitaab), "Jagat Hitkarni" was first printed in Anupdas Printing press at Kalapura, Savni Erenpura, Sheoganj, Erstwhile State of Sirohi in 1909 by himself in his own printing press subsequently dismantled by himself. Second time, the printing was done at Bombay in 1912 at Khemraj Shri Krishnadas Steam Printing Press, 7th Gali, Khambata Lane, Mumbai-07, by himself with due permission from British Govt.

Saint Shri Anopdasji's Nirvan day is Wednesday, the 22nd of June 1921 (Vikram Samvat 1978 Aashadmaas Krishna Paksh 2). He breathed last at Sumerpur and as per his wish his body was confined to fire at Jakhoda a village very near to Sumerpur, Rajasthan, India.

Today Jakhoda is known as Naklang Dham, meaning, Holiest shrine on the Earth, It is also called as followings-

• The abode of the finest soul ever born on this Earth.

• The abode of the finest human being ever born on this Earth.

• The abode of the man who did finest penance on this Earth.

• The abode of the super human being ever born on this Earth.

• The abode of the purest human being ever born on this Earth.

• The abode of the Greatest master ever born on this Earth.

• The abode of the only protector of Earth's life and forest ever born on this Earth.

• The abode of the only human being who never had any stain on his character through out his life.

• The abode of the super human being who has fulfilled the mission of creator by lending his supreme body on this earth.

• The abode of the supreme human being ever born on the Earth who has fulfilled the mission of the creator by lending his supreme and unique body for others.

• The abode of the greatest writing ever written on this earth.